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good morning. morning after election day 6:00 thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas euplts it is obama reelected to a second term more complete coverage coming up in a moment. we also have to talk about weather. mike has been forecasting fog and rain tomorrow. a lot to talk about. >> thankfully everything is quiet now on live doppler, still spinning, still picking up dry air, a few radar returns starting to show up a little drizzle over the coast where the thicker clouds are now. for the most part, just the fog. 2 1/2 mile visibility half moon bay, north bay quarter mile napa and santa rosa, little dangerous driving around there. other areas around three to few miles per hour at the reporting station which is close to bay level, up around 500 to 1,000 feet is where the thick fog is sitting.
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temperatures in the low to upper 50s in most areas 49 in livermore. afternoon hours it will be cloudy at the coast a little afternoon sun, near 60, high clouds this afternoon around the bay, mid to upper 60s, high clouds and sun inland upper 60s to mid 70s. san mateo bridge fog-free still looks clear, tail lights towards foster city and highrise, moving at the limit, a little sluggish towards foster city boulevard, basically nice ride between the peninsula and hayward and vice versa. southbound basco earlier accident cleared, good news. san jose southbound 17 past hamilton overturn blocking right lane there. bart, muni, caltrain, all mass transit on time. waze app the free traffic app, highway 80 to the bay bridge
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highway 24 looks like a stopped car on the shoulder reported. great app to help you maneuver around if you you are headed out for your commute it is available free on the app store and google play. 6:02. you have spoken, president obama is waking up this morning having secured a second four year term as commander in chief. women, young voters and minors helped lead him to victory. spoke to the nation last night in chicago. president whether i earned your vote or not. i have listened to you i have learned from you and you have made me a better president. >> following his remarks first lady and daughters joined the president on stage with vice president biden and his wife. mitt romney conceded last night before the president's spoke. he backed on to the take in boston alone and thanks his supporters and voters. stay with the abc7 morning
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news coming up, we go live to chicago for a wrap of the race for president and a look at where president obama and mitt romney go from here. californians overcame decades of anti-tax sentiment and approved prop 30 to rescue schools and avoid drastic funding cuts. with most of the votes counted you can see the measure to add sales tax increase and hike taxes on high income earners projected to have won. the race has been called. stay with abc7 morning news, amy hollyfield will have more on this at 6:30. two more top state propositions prop 34 appears to have been defeated it would replace the death penalty in california with life without parole voters rejected prop 32 banning unions and corporations from using payroll deductions to fund political campaigns.
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>> democrats in sacramento will have a super majority or two thirds in the state assembly. speaker perez says the assembly should have 54 democrats still not clear if the state senate will have a super majority of democrats. pro tem steinberg says he's hopeful democrats will be able to raise taxes and pass budgets without republican support if they get. decisive victory for feinstein who will return to washington for a fourth term the 79-year-old san francisco democrat defeated danville republican emken. feinstein was better known and better financed than emken and did not and would not debate her. >> katie marzullo continues our coverage with long cal races. >> reporter: i zoomed in on the -- bay area, no surprise to anyone all blue in all the
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districts in the bay area. we want to focus on some of the bigger ones, district 3 john garamendi, vs. vann he has held state office for four decades, vann is someone that national republicans thought would give them a good chance of unseating a democrat in the district. that is not the case. heading into the east bay district 9 only 79% of precincts reporting, still a few more to go. this was the one where district loons had been redrawn, people weren't sure -- lines had been re , people weren't sure if mcnerney would hang on but he did 56% of the vote. now to district 15 battle royale, democrat vs. democrat because of new voting system pete stark out of office this
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man is 80-years-old elected in 1973. he's known as the dean of the california congressional delegation, no more. he loses to fellow democrat eric swalwell who has 53% of the vote, hard knowsed prosecutor, young man, -- hard nosed prosecutor, young man 50 years stark's junior. he has the job with 100 precinct of precincts reporting. blue in the house they also went blue for obama when it comes to the popular vote. at 6:30 more specifically at the popular vote not own for the nation but for some states and california. south bay san jose voters approved hike in the city's minimum wage. measure d winning 59-41%. the affect, we'll check in with terry mcsweeney, live in san jose with more.
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>> reporter: i'm here at denny's how would you like to wake up one morning and find out you got a 25% pay increase for many here and thousands of others around san jose that's what happened. look at some of the people who are going to be enjoying this 2010 few% pay increase, -- enjoying this 25% pay increase. small businesses in the chamber -- and the chamber ofá1ñ commerce said some people are going to stop hiring these minimum wage people if the minimum wage is $10 an hour there's another side to that issue. >> dramatically reduce turnover. people can't live on $8 an hour they look for another job and another job which means companies have to continually recruit and train. >> reporter: supporters of measure d included unions and
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social says agencies the mayor with the chamber of commerce and small businesses oppose it the mayor said it is going to cost the city $6 hunt to super vie the measure -- $600,000 to supervise the measure, money the city doesn't have. this is the golden gate bridge, foggy. headlights come into san francisco, big changes ahead in the next 24 hours mike will have your full forecast many and we check in with sue on your commute. first a look at results of more california ballot measures.
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welcome back. check out the fog blanketing downtown san francisco barely see the top of the embarcadero center there we have a west wind bringing in the low clouds marine layer and fog going to be a little tricky this is ahead of the cold front that is not even here yet, temperatures are going drop 9 to 14° today just because of the sea breeze. low clouds and 50s this morning by the time we got to 4:00 high clouds, 50s coast, mid 60s bay, low 70s inland. >> what a difference a couple
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minutes make at the bay bridge toll, metering lights just turned on traffic backing to the overcrossings. wins you past metering lights and head into san francisco -- things moving at the limit through treasure island into san francisco. problem with an overturn two right lanes blocked southbound 17 past hamilton, drive out antioch starting to bunch up towards concord out of the central valley lots of cars up and over the altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton area 25 minute ride. the country is waking to another four years with president obama as commander in chief. next we go live to chicago for more of last night's victory speech from the president. and what mitt romney says he will be praying about. first, a look at some of the results from south bacon tests:
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>> president obama secure add easy electoral college victory with decisive wins in swing states like virginia, ohio and colorado. nationally, the popular vote is much closer. here's the overall national vote. president obama does have more, 50%, mitt romney 48% of the vote. t.j. winick joins us from chicago. >> reporter: good morning. in the end it was a series of narrow state win fast gave the
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president a decisive victory. president obama won a second term tuesday, after a race that was primarily fought in a handful of battleground states. >> the president: you, the american people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long. we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back. and we know in our hearts, that for the united states of america, the best is yet to come. >> reporter: florida still too close to call even if romney won the state, obama still handily beats him in the electoral college vote. >> the president: whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. and you've made me a better president. >> reporter: obama beat mitt romney after nabbing almost every one of the 12
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crucial battleground states. around 1 a.m. eastern, romney spoke to supporters in boston to let them know he had made a concession call to the president. >> you have just call president obama to congratulate him on his victory. his supporters and his campaign, also deserve congratulations. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor said it was time to put aside partisan bickering and work together for the good of the country. >> this is a time of great challenges force america. i pray the president will be successful in guiding our nation. >> reporter: the president the night here in chicago. ' has no publicly scheduled events today. he and the first -- first family will return to the white house where they will spend the next four years, 5:30 eastern this afternoon. t.j. winick, abc7 news. for more on the race for president let's turn to
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political analyst melinda jackson. >> you are associate professor of political science at san jose state. what went wrong for romney in the states that were must-wins for him. >> the polls were right on this year. despite some skepticism about how well they would perform. the romney campaign did maintain until the end they thought they were going to win in the end those electoral college projections turned out to be right on. it wasn't that close. i think it was a good night for democrats. turnout helps democrats and the democratic ground game was a big fact for in that this year. >> the demographics of the democratic victory also important. is this something we are going to see as maybe future outcomes for races like this? >> yes, i think that's the other big story coming out of
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this. the demographics of the country are ranging -- are changing. we are a more diverse country particularly for young voters who are just entering the political system, the democrats have such an advantage among young voters we are seeing voter turnout is increasing among young voters. they still vote less than older voters but turnout has been increasing they seem to be getting engaged and forming loyalties to the democratic party which may last for sometime. >> do you see a few developments late in the campaigning season the last few weeks that swung the momentum obama's way? think that the debates although, -- >> i think the debates although he did not do well in the first he did come back with performs in the -- performances in the second and third debate. we don't know what the effect of superstorm sandy may been the president had last minute
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momentum the momentum swaupbg towards the president in the last few days. we'll see you again in the 6:30 half hour. cup of warm could havey sounds good with the weather turning chillier. going to be cool you may need to use the heater if you haven't used it already this year, especially since we have still in the forecast. embarcadero center there to our south from vallejo streets you can see it is cloudy here, keeping an eye on sfo, oakland and san jose, make sure all those flights are on time fog isn't this thick everywhere. let's look at live doppler, thick fog in the north bay and around most of the bay shore south bay and east bay valleys not as prevalent. here's temperatures everybody still empty low to upper 50s around the monterey bay, low to mid 50s bay inland 10°
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spread from gilroy at 347 salinas 57. today -- gilroy at 47, salinas 57. cold front tomorrow, colder with showers possible and on the back side of that, thunder for friday. today, compared to average, close -- yesterday were about 11 to 13° warmer than average. near 60 along the coast mid to upper 60s bay, upper 60s to mid 70s inland. tonight cooler, partly cloudy, 40s to low 50s, maybe around 53 san mateo for the warm spot. the cold front still barreling down towards the bay area, massive area of cold area. we are going to be in it for four or five days before it stars to modify.
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tomorrow morning, nothing going -- starts to modify. tomorrow morning nothing going on until , 10:00 in the north bay, 1 to 4:00 south bay, during the evening another batch of showers and then friday what i call morning because it is 3:00 and i'm already up that would be our chance thunderstorms i am here's your seven day, we are in the 50's all across the board in the -- at the coast, 50s to low 60s bay and low to mid 60s inland frost most likely sunday night into monday. now to eastbound 24 serious accident developing in orinda past whiler involving big rig trailer got separate -- wilder, involving big rig trailer got separated from the big rig, all lanes blocked, eastbound noncommute direction in orinda, you want to an individual that area and take eastbound 80 to eastbound 4 or
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take eastbound 580 until they get in cleared. southbound 17 past hamilton overturn blocking two right lanes. let's look at traffic app this shows highway 24 eastbound traffic spotter showing complete standstill. alternate eastbound 80 to eastbound 4 or eastbound 580. you can download this app. 6:23. >> some of the day's top other stories, including three marin county daycare workers in court today after the death of a baby in their care. first more election results.
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. developing news in the east bay. alameda county firefighters looking into what caused a two-alarm house fire overnight into newark. a family was able to escape. three marin county daycare workers are facing involuntary manslaughter charges following the death of a baby in their care. the owner and two of her staff were arrested two weeks after a four-month-old died. they are scheduled to appear in court today.
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investigators say staff waited 25 minutes for the own other to return before they called an ambulance. she instructed them to tell police she found the baby. still ahead, we'll bring the opening bell on wall street as investors get ready to react to the reelection of president obama. >> first election results from measures san francisco voters decided:
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the opening bell is ringing on wall street at new york stock exchange to start the trading day. thank you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. u.s. stock futures declining sharply morning after the election. we'll talk more about why. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. weather numbers also declining sharply. >> that may not have to do with politics just mother nature. who knows if the market does that, i don't know trying to be funny. definitely cloud cover around it has moved a little, lit a little at reporting stations up to a mile in napa, 3/4 at half moon bay it went down there. everybody else went didn't a little at least we are not in dangerous territory until you go 500 feet and above where the clouds are thickest this morning. we will have low clouds for
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the better part of the morning pull back to the coast and hang out there break up a little, temperatures upper 50s to 60, become brisk during the afternoon at the coast we'll replace the low clouds with high clouds around the bay and inland, cooler today by 9 to 15°, mid to upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s to mid 70s inland. we'll talk about showers, thunderstorms and frost in the big forecast. serious situation, good news eastbound 24 noncommute direction. this is orinda, eastbound, just above absolutely car-free because of a jackknife big rig that lost its trailer, multiple cars hit the trailer, overturned the trailer now all eastbound lanes are blocked past wilder eastbound 24 westbound slowing as well towards the caldecott tunnel.
6:32 am
"sig alert" in effect. alternate route to get eastbound would be 80 to highway 4 eastbound or take 580 eastbound. other problems san jose pardon me campbell pardon me 17 southbound past hamilton and campbell overturn in the two right lanes there. looking at your traffic app, the waze app showing traffic at a standstill east been 24 you want to download this app to get around and navigate with alternates free on the app store and google play avoid eastbound 24 if possible now. you've spoken, president obama wins a second four year term by winning swing states like ohio, virginia and wisconsin. this morning the popular vote is closer. katie marzullo join you live with the break down. >> reporter: this is how the popular vote breaks down now. these are real-time numbers coming in as we speak.
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i've been watching them since 2:00 this morning. they are changing, but staying about where you see them now. razor thin margin for president obama with 51% of the popular vote to mitt romney's 49%. interesting to look at it state by state, take ohio, those electoral votes went to president obama. when you look at the popular vote not even one percentage point separates the two. same in florida, abc news hasn't even called the race the popular vote president obama barely with 51% mitt romney with 49%. quickly even more closely at california the way this red and blue one more time, is not going to vice you we know this is how the votes go. it is always interesting and a little shocking to look at the landmass of red all of these
6:34 am
voters voting for mitt romney. the problem is, they don't have the population density as counties along the coast which vote blue, vote for president obama turn the state blue and ultimately give him the win. of course the similar dynamic we see played out across the country. a lot of red, but not the on capitol hill the president will face the same divided congress next year. democrats retain control of the senate, republicans keep control of the house. republicans lost three key seats and democrats strengthened their control something that didn't seem likely he -- earlier in the season democrats have 51 seats plus two independents who generally vote with him republicans have 40 . montana and north dakota still undecided. house staying in republican hands. these are new numbers just in
6:35 am
the last hour house democrats will have to wait for nancy pelosi's decision on whether she will stay on as minority leader. governor brown is declaring victory on his tax initiative prop 30. prop 30 winning by an 8 percentage point margin with 700,000 votes dividing yes and no. amy hollyfield joins us live from emeryville with more on what this means. >> reporter: you come to emeryville to shop, great shopping that is when you are going to notice the difference from prop 30 sales tax is going up a quarter of a cent. here's what it looked like last night, supporters of prop 30 were ready to celebrate, they were hopeful, it wasn't official, ways a close race. it want until this morning that they officially called it for prop 30. we broke the miss to some people this morning here in emory -- broke the news to
6:36 am
some people this morning here. >> i didn't think it was going to pass then i saw brown come out and was like saying yes it passed. i was like wow, big deal. >> reporter: you support it? >> yeah, i did vote for it. how else -- you can have nothing -- you can't get something with nothing. >> not happy about it. who is? do you want to pay more taxes? >> reporter: this measure will increase sales tax and also income tax for the wealthy. it will keep schools from seeing billions of dollars in cuts. you will see the sales tax go up starting in january. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. competing measure prop 38 to raise income taxes for 12 years and have that money go to schools, defeated.
6:37 am
overwhelming defeat, 72%-28%. a couple east bay congressional races one upset change in the 15th congressional district longtime congressman pete stark has been ousted by fellow democrat eric swalwell. you can see, stark has been in congress for four decades he's 80-years-old. swalwell won the endorse s of key california democrats. two democrats -- appeared on the same ballot because of the new top two rule incumbent mcnerney has defeated gill. >> local measure that got national attention, richmond
6:38 am
voters rejecting tax on sodas and sugary drinks that would have funded school programs 2/3 of voters said no. city leaders are divided on the measure the penny per ounce soda tax would have added 12 cents to every can of soda. soft drinks companies spent 2 1/2 million dollars too defeat that measure. look at that fog this morning. we'll have traffic and weather together, next. another look at a foggy picture this is the san mateo bridge traffic looking okay here. we'll get sue to talk about the traffic and mike with your full forecast.
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sunrise over the low clouds and fog if you were up at 2600 feet that would be a gorgeous sight since you are not we tried to bring it to you. today we are going to have temperatures with cloudy and foggy conditions this morning in the 50s as we head towards noon we will see a slow reveal of sunshine 50s coast low to mid 60s bay and inland high clouds and sunshine away from the coast mid 60s to 70 by 4:00. next three days, even more interesting temperatures are barely making it out of the 50s showers, better chance of rain thursday thunderstorms with small hail day downright chilly saturday. big problem spot eastbound 24 through orinda, tractor trailer big rig lost its trailer multiple cars hit it and it flipped over.
6:42 am
all lanes eastbound 24 blocked. top of the screen is eastbound no cars getting through. now you see westbound towards the caldecott tunnel is bumper-to-bumper. both decks of the commute affected. "sig alert" -- issued by the chp alternate routes would be 80 east to highway 4 east or 580 east or of course bart bart is on time southbound self team past hamilton overturn blocking two right lanes crews on scene. new accident west 580 past 680 up the dublin grade blocking right lane of traffic. next, president obama and mitt romney in their own words. more from their victory and concession speeches. we'll get election reaction live from the new york stock exchange. >> first a look at more results on california's propositions: [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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good morning thanks for joining us. president obama is waking up in chicago this morning after winning a second terpl, defeating republican challenger mitt romney. >> last night he appeared in front of thousands of celebrating democrats. after winning most of the 12 key battleground states, including ohio. >> the president: i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever about the work we have to do and the future that lies ahead. >> president obama will return
6:46 am
to the white house this afternoon he has no public events planned forhh today. >> before mr. obama declared victory mitt romney conceded in boston. he told his supporters he called the president to congratulate him. the former massachusetts governor said it was time to put aside partisanship and work together for the good of the nation. i so wish i had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader. so ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation. >> president obama says he looks forward to meeting with romney in the weeks ahead to discuss ways to move the country. some interesting developments for california, following election day. >> let's continue our chat now with san jose state political science professor melinda jackson. if the democrats get their super majority in the assembly and the senate, the senate not for certain yet, what will
6:47 am
that allow them to do? in what areas will we be affected most? >> reason prop 30 was on the ballot this year is because california requires 2/3 majority to raise taxes that is very difficult to get. if the democrats are able to have a super majority in both state legislature houses this would allow democrats to pass tax increases on their own that could make a big difference in terms of the state budget. >> we saw something historic last night the first couple of states to approve at the ballot box, same-sex marriage. talk about that for us. >> yes, this goes with the generational change we are seeing. the first time that voters have approved same-sex marriage. we've seen a huge shift in public opinion on this issue in the last few years. -- younger american are looking at this issue much differently than older generations. maybe influencing their parents and grandparents too. ma skwrorpt of americans --
6:48 am
majority of americans support same-sex marriage and we see that in these results. >> thank you for helping us interpret some of these things this morning. to business news investors responding to election results. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with how they are reacting. it has been interesting to watch not just stocks but all markets overnight. most of the night stocks were flat. we did see gold up and dollar down. that is -- then we saw stocks suddenly take a downturn. a couple of things going on investors starting to talk about the fiscal cliff worry about how that may not be settled. europe taking down its growth expectations. european union for the whole
6:49 am
eurozone cutting growth rate. so far this morning, dow down 161 points. s&p and nasdaq trading lower. day after barack obama was elected in 2008 dow had its biggest drop ever for a day after election. we were in the middle of a financial crisis you may remember. we have the bloomberg index so far in morning, trading sharply lower, 1 1/2% on the downside. united continental and american cancelling hundreds of flights today because of a winter storm headed to the east coast in the same place hit by hurricane sandy last week. southwest and delta making adjustments in their schedules. new estimates from car fax indicates the number of vehicles flooded by sandy may excited the number destroyed by katrina. if so sandy would be the largest disaster to impact the country's vehicle.
6:50 am
buyer beware check for signs of water damage and the car's history. live at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. we have our own winter storm that mike is watching. first really cold one of the year that brings thunderstorms, first threat of frost, interesting pattern unfolding. good morning. thought we would start in san jose, downtown, low clouds, fog, reduced visibility. san jose international airport on time. north bay san rafael, driving too the fog if you are traveling down 101 this morning. watch out for that. we have flight arrival delays into sfo of 60 minutes. nothing at oakland, on time. live doppler, no areas of wet weather organized, misty driving the thicker clouds tomorrow we'll be seeing rain on doppler, be prepared for that today the transition from
6:51 am
record high temperatures to average temperatures right now most of us in the low to upper 50s same around monterey bay gilroy 47. that transition because of slow sunshine today and because of the sea breeze last night while we were sleeping tomorrow with cold front showers mind that thunderstorms possible for friday. today temperatures from 9° cooler after record high in concord yesterday to 70. upper 60s to mid 70s inland mid 60s to upper 60s bay, coast upper 50s to low 60s, 40s and 50s tonight, cooler than this morning here's the cold front you can see it coming down that will hang around four or five days, keeping temperatures below average by 9:00 tomorrow morning rain moving into the north bay noon in the heart of the bay, 2:00 in the south bay,
6:52 am
showers develop overnight thursday and thunderstorms scattered into friday. thursday and friday will be our coolest days into saturday. sunday night into monday morning best chance of frost. hot spot eastbound 24 in orinda big rig accident lost its trailer, trailer flipped, multiple cars involved all lanes of eastbound 24 blocked. live shot west bound which is also bumper-to-bumper towards the -- the caldecott tunnel couple cars eastbound funneling through, bart would be a great way to go. if you are driving eastbound 80 to eastbound 4 or eastbound 580, alternates, "sig alert" in effect. elsewhere southbound 17 accident past hamilton cleared out of lanes. accident westbound 580 past 680 up the dublin grade. coming up on 6:53.
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ahead, five things to know before you go. >> t
6:54 am
good morning. 6:54. look outside on mike's turf you can see fog and low clouds getting cooler. he's going to tell you more about that coming up. here are five things to know before you go: number one, president obama will return to the white house this afternoon from chicago. he celebrated last night after getting reelected to a second term. he was victorious over mitt romney in most of the 12 key battle states. >> number two, mitt romney conceded gracefully in boston, prior to the president declaring victory. he told his supporters he called the president to congratulate him. he said it was time to work
6:55 am
not for the good of the nation. >> number three, californians overcame decades of anti-tax sentiment and approved prop 30 the measure to raise taxes to rescue state's schools and avoid drastic funding cuts. the measure passed by an eight point margin with most votes counted. >> number four, upset in the 15th district where congressman stark has been ousted by fellow democrat eric swalwell. stark has been in congress for four decades. swalwell is a city councilman and alameda county prosecutors. >> number five, proposition for death penalty reform in california trailing 53% of votes saying no to prop 34 now. would it replace the state's death sentence with life without parole. again that is trailing and appears to be going for fight.
6:56 am
final check on your -- good morning. >> live doppler showing no organized areas of wet weather, we have fog and those flight arrival delays into sfo nearly 60 minutes. check out our flight tracker at definitely out there and it starts at 500 feet and above where you are going to find the thickest clouds and fog this morning. 60 at the coast partly sunny, high clouds and sunshine around the bay and inland upper 60s to mid 70s. bay bridge toll, metering lights on traffic backing towards the macarthur maze. hot spot eastbound 24, westbound now very, very slow due to eastbound accident they have one lane of traffic roped eastbound it is a jacknifed big rig. the trailer did not overturn.
6:57 am
hopefully they will get that cleared quicker than we thought. right now to get around it eastbound 580 or eastbound 80. thank you for join us for the abc7 morning news. we continue in 25 minutes with more local election results, other news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> gma will have more on the presidential election. we are al
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